Induction cap Sealer machine for Bottle

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Tamper Proof : It is not possible, from production to the Consumer that the content of the product be manipulated without being clearly noticed.
Product Freshness : The taste and aroma of the product remains intact due to the hermatic seal.
Protection against Leakage : There is no spillage or loss of contents of the product.
Sales Promotion : The foil on the inside can be used for advertising or promotional purposes.
Maximum Filling Speeds : The sealing takes place without any direct contact which allows full potential of the filling plant to be utilsed.
Minimum Effort : The wad is put in the cap by the manufacturers. Thus the filling line requires only the Induction Cap Sealing equipment to be installed.
Indirect Heating : Induction heating allows heat sensitive products such as creams , petroluem product , pesticides etc. to be sealed faster and safely than direct heating which would normally spoil or catch fire.
IGBT Technology : IGBT’s are more reliable and efficent at higher line speeds.

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