Bottle Filling Machine for Shampoo, Lotion, Gel, Hair oil, Perfume, Wine

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Automatic Twin Head Liquid Filling with Capping Inspection And Labelling Machines for Bottled Water, Light Sauces, Heavy Sauces, Beverages, Shampoo, Cosmetic Creams, Liquid Shop, Edible OILS, Bio Medical Applications, Chemicals, Alcohols, Essential oils, Lotions, Pharmaceutical applications, Syrups, Specialty Chemicals, Hazardous Solvents, Explosive Solvents and Corrosive Products.

Liquid Filling Machine Description :
Liquid filling machine or liquid filler machine works in synchronization with integrated systems like bottle washing machine, screw type filling machine or ROPP capping machine and sticker labelling machine or wet glue labelling machine along with pre and post inspection. The liquid filling machine or liquid filler machine is compact, versatile with SS matt finish sturdy body consisting S.S Slat Conveyor, self centered device with reciprocating nozzle and SS syringe. The main drive and conveyor drive equipped with A/C Motor with synchronized variable A/C frequency drive.

Liquid Filler Machine Operation :
Automatic Liquid filling is a smooth process of containers moving from scrambler and un-scrambler level on SS Slat conveyor feed to filling machine. This minimizes foaming adjustable nozzle to reciprocate according to the filling dose; nozzle will move up from bottle to the neck during the filling operation. The hexagonal bolt with dosing block fitted below syringes for full size setting. After filling up the liquid, container moves on conveyor belt for capping by the sealing head. The process inspected and executed further with bottle labelling.

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