manual Filling machine for syrup, edible oil, pesticide liquid, hair oil, color, shampoo, lotion

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Semi Automatic Twin Head Liquid Filling Machine is very simple, Piston base volumetric filler. It gives very accurate volumes with remarkable speed. It is widely use in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Paint, Cosmetic, OIL, Softdrink, Liquir Industries.

Description :
Semi Automatic Volumetric Liquid Filler Machine is precision built on sturdy welded steel frame completely enclose in stainless steel sheet and doors are provided to facilitate the servicing of machine. Working on volumetric principle. The unit is made compact, versatile and enclosed in stainless steel elegantly matt finish body.

Operation :
Containers have to place manually below the filling nozzles at platform of machine. Where motor operated syringes fill desire pre set volume in container, bottle guide are provide for precisely match for centering of container below nozzles, to avoid spillage of liquid on container. The dosing block with a hexagonal bolt fitted below syringes. This means fill size can be easily set.

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