Filling Line for Insecticides, Biopesticides, Organic Pesticides, herbicides, Neem Pesticides

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Automatic Two/Four/Six/Eight Head Volumetric Liquid Bottle Filling Machine for for Bottled Water, Light Sauces, Heavy Sauces, Beverages, Shampoo, Cosmetic Creams, Liquid Shop, Edible OILS, Bio Medical Applications, Chemicals, Alcohols, Essential oils, Lotions, Pharmaceutical applications, Syrups, Specialty Chemicals, Hazardous Solvents, Explosive Solvents and Corrosive Products.

Description :
The Bhagwati Automatic Volumetric liquid bottle filling machine, which is made compact, versatile and enclosed in stainless steel elegantly matt finish body. This unit works on volumetric principal and reciprocating self-centring device.

Operation :
Nozzle goes upwards slowly from the bottom level of bottle towards neck during filling to minimize forming adjustable nozzle is reciprocating according to filling dose

The dosing block with a hexagonal bolt, this means different fill size can be set easily within minimum of time.

The main drive consists of a helical gearbox driven by A/c motor & through controlled by an Ac frequency drive. The speed can be set in terms of bottles per minute. The conveyor drive consists of a hallow shaft, geared motor controlled by an Ac frequency drive. A knob can set the speed of conveyor.

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