Viscous Corrosive filling machine , Inline Filling Systems for corrosive liquid

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Inline Filling Systems designs and builds corrosion resistant fillers and cappers for harsh factory environments.
Corrosive filling Machine is also useful for the product being filled is particularly aggressive on machinery.
This includes not only chemical plants producing strong acids or bleach but also food plants using brine or sugar solutions in their products. In both cases, even the factory air alone contributes to the accelerated degradation of the machinery.
Corrosive Filling Systems uses special coatings on structural and other exposed machinery components as well as chemical resistant plastics as a substitute for metal whenever practical.
In manufacturing process, special powder, industrial polymer coatings, UHMW and Teflon plastics, and other materials are used.
Best Suitable for

Corrosive and aggressive chemical products
Very high corrosive liquids
Corrosive Filling Machines are ideal for very high corrosive liquids. Corrosive filler are built on a frame which is heavy duty constructed, PVC and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheeting. Contact parts, such as the tank, tubing and valves are fabricated from compatible materials, such as HDPE, Kynar and Teflon.

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