Automatic Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine for 100ml to 1000ml bottle

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Automatic Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine for 100ml to 1000ml bottle without any change Parts


The self adhesive sticker labeling machine is fully automated, vertical, and linear. This multipack model has a number of user friendly features. It is the most appropriate equipment for applying front, back, or side labels on flat, oval, square, and round shaped containers. This robust machine can provide a maximum output of 100 labels in one minute; depending on the shape and size of the products, and the label size. It also incorporates an automatic and synchronized system for aligning the product with the top holding belt system. Another excellent element of this equipment is the advanced micro processor controlled label dispensing system; with the latest sensing system for labels and products. This multi-purpose, high speed, labeling machine is efficient, precise, and long lasting. It is built to fulfill the diverse requirements of the users in the modern packaging lines. This simple to operate and easy to adjust machine needs minimum tools and change of parts. It can be specially designed with a feed worm and pocket system to ensure proper alignment of the bottles on the conveyor for accurate labeling. This model even includes an exclusive single point synchronized speed control system. Further, the inherent and preset label length detection system enables to avoid the manual feeding and storing of the label length data in the memory and retrieve it every time to change the label size and restart the equipment. Subsequently it saves your time, prevents machine down time, and enhances the productivity. It is also available with an optional safety cabinet made from tough glass or acrylic. This equipment can be especially designed to apply single side labels on flat bottles and body, wrap round labels on round shaped bottles. Moreover it also includes all the essential characteristics of a standard model as per the current market.

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