Wad Insering machine , Double head MMC cap lining machine

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5 Gallon cap machine
5 gallon cap machines are mainly used in the processing and packaging of 5 gallon caps, including labeling, lining, stoppering, etc. of 5 gallon cap machines. This kind of machines includes 5 gallon cap labeling machine, 5 gallon cap lining machine and 5 gallon cap plug inserting machine. Whole assembly line production can be realized, substantially increasing the working efficiency of manufacturers. The 5 gallon cap machines produced by Furi Machinery are widely used in 5 gallon cap manufacturers, bottled water manufacturers and 5 gallon cap packagers.
Cap lining machine

Cap lining machine
The main function of cap lining machines is to automatically insert the aluminum foil gasket or the PE foam gasket into the cap, which achieves automatic liner inserting and prevents the liner from being contaminated by manual liner inserting. Automatic operation is not only environmentally friendly and sanitary, but also substantially improves the working efficiency of manufacturers. The cap lining machines from Multipack Machinery include single-step cap lining machine, double-station cap lining machine and cap liner cut machine, etc.. We can also customize special models according to customer needs.

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