Semi Line – liquid Filling, Plugging & Capping ,Sticker Labeling Machine

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Our Machine suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, pesticides, Distilleries & Breweries, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Lube & Edible Oil, Food & Ancillaries Industries etc.


Automatic Linear Piston Filling Cum Sealing Machine is versatile, self-supported on stainless steel leg with height adjustable adjustment system. The machine is precision built on sturdy welded steel frame completely enclose in stainless steel sheet and doors are provided to facilitate the servicing of machine, work on volumetric principle with Linear motion. The unit is made compact, versatile and enclosed in stainless steel elegantly matt finish body. No container No filling & No Sealing system arrangement is standard features of the machine. The main drive of the machine, conveyor drive & cap-feeding bowl consist of A/c Motor with synchronized variable A/c Frequency Drive.


Containers moving on SS Slat conveyor, feed below the filling nozzles through Pneumatic Stopper, Filling station consist of volumetric filling linear head and a side filling liquid 150 Ltrs tank. This reservoir tank fed continuously with the liquid by external source. Filling volume adjustment of individual syringe is possible with the help of mechanism provided on top of the individual syringe.
After filling star wheel bringing the container below the sealing head in the subsequent indexing part, mean while the bottle pickup a cap from the delivery chute of cap feeding bowl, where the body and the neck of the container are positioned below the rotating head, where the sealing head is performing perfect operation of threading & sealing

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