Carton Edge Sealer machine With 90 degree ,Carton Erector, Case Erector

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semi-auto carton edge sealer. This top drive and bottom drive automatically edge sealer for cartons works in conjunction with the automatic carton sealer or the CHS-6603 semi-automatic carton sealer.

First the carton is sealed on the center line of the top and bottom of the carton, then the carton is pushed off 90 degrees into the edge sealer where it completes the “H” seal top and bottom.

Case erectors,Palletizing Machines are the core product at Eaglepm Packaging Systems. MULTIPACK Packaging Machinery LLC designs and manufactures machines to suit any corrugated tray or case, whether they are self-locking, glued, or taped, for display or shipping purposes.Eagle has many years of experience handling corrugated materials. Dedication to innovation, execution, and service is what distinguishes Multipack Packaging Machinery.

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