Labeling Machine for Pet Oval Bottle, Pet Oval Jar, Pet Flat Bottle, Pet Flat Jar

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General Description:

The Automatic Single side flat Sticker Labelling Machine SBSL -120F is one of the most users friendly. The machine is used for one side labelling on flat surface of flat container or full/partial wrap around labelling on different size of round container. It is capable of labelling up to 40 containers per minutes depending on products and label size. The automatic model is equipped with belt spacing device resulting in a simple to “No change parts required”.

The containers positioned & curate spacing between two containers by the belt spacing device and a belt drive mechanism hold the container from top of the container for one side labelling on flat container or wrap-around operation on round container at the labelling point, an electronics product sensor sense container & release a label from self adhesive label roll. If machine is equipped with batch printing device in that case batch printing device prints the batch no. & other matter on label during label is stationary means time between sensing of two label. The sensed container moves on conveyor sticker label at labelling point wrapped around to container. Then the labelled container moves further through a pressing device ensures neat & perfect fixing of label.

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