Candy Jar Sticker Labeling Machine, label pasting machine for big jar

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Our labelling machine suitable for Bottles/ Candy Jar, Bottles and other round objects, incorporates latest sophisticated Micro Processor Controlled Stepper Motor Drive, Fibber Optic Label and Bottle sensing system etc.
The Bhagwati Automatic Self Adhesive Bottle/ Candy Jar Sticker labelling machine is Generally Installed in–line; Bottles are transported along a slat conveyor and separated by a Roller before entering the labelling station. The Label is placed on the Bottle/ Candy Jar immediately when it comes below the Bottle/ Candy Jar Sensor, Thus ensuring instant adhesion of the label’s edge. Then it passes through the pressing unit resulting in precise registration and crease – tree application.
Label and Bottle size/ Candy Jar changes are made by Simple hand wheel adjustments. Within a few minutes. Front Side Guide Rail Adjuster can be Push or Pull according to the Bottle/ Candy Jar diameter, Second varies the height of the label placement by hand wheel given below the label Device and Third Sets Label Length According to the Length of label by utilizing a machine controller.
Machine Conveyor and pressing belt are driven by a different motor and is controlled by a single A.C. motor controller Device. So that speed of both the device can be increased or decreased. A separate stepper motor drives labelling Device with its controller.

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