Engine Oil Lubricant Filling Machine , Lube Oil filling line , Oil fillers

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Bhagwati Make filling Line including Engine Oil Lubricant Filling Machine is consists of Online Filler-Capper-Induction Sealer-Labeler Suitable for 100ml, 500ml, 1Lit,2Lit,4Lit,5Lit,20Lit of Bottles & Cans oil filler. – http://www.bhagwatipharma.com/automatic_electronic_liquid_filling_machine_for_bulk_filling_1_15_ltrs.html

This lubricant filler line is useful for drip free and accurate filling of various automatic oils as under.
1.Automotive Oil Filling machine
2.Lubricant Filling machine
3.Engine Oil Filling line
4.Coolent Filling line
5.Motor Oil Filling line
6.Gear Pump Oil Filling line

Engine Oil Lubricant Filler is widely used in motor oil and automotive oil filling industry.
• Material of Construction is Stainless Steel 304 Or 316 Grade only
• Suitable for 100ml,500ml,1Lit,2Lit,4Lit,5Lit,20Lit of Bottles & Cans

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