Shrink Sleeve applicator machine, Bottle Shrink Sleeve label applicator Sleeveit

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Multipack Shrink Sleeve Applicator also called sleever, sleeve binder, label inserting machine, shrink labeler and even called labeling machine. The machine is used to apply or insert shrink sleeve label on the container. MSPM manufactures all models for applying heat shrinkable sleeve label or neckbands which is commonly used on most food packages ranging from bottles, yogurt cups, margarine bowls and eye drop containers. Shrink sleeves can wrap and conform to a container’s every curve, enabling complete decoration of unusual shapes from top to bottom with 360 degrees. Shrink sleeves are widely used to decorate everything from foods, beverages, cosmetic, medical and even personal products like eye drop, lighter, marker pen more details please refer –


The services available are:
Fully automatic operation.
No Bottle – No Sleeve-Feature(Eliminates Wastage).
Can handle round glass / plastic bottles.
Speed of 40 bottles to 300 bottles/min. depending on the cut length of the sleeve.
Servo motors for more accuracy.
Fitted with digital PLC control.
Height adjustments to suit height variant bottles.
Eye mark sensor for accurate cutting in printed sleeves.
VFD used to increase or decrease the speed wherever necessary.
Can easily be synchronized with a tunnel.

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