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Elf Lubricant Oil Blending Plant / LUBE OIL BLENDING PLANT (Engine oil, Gear oil & Grease) Complete plants and solutions for the manufacture of Lubricants.Greases.Transformer Oils,Brake Fluids,Coolants
Waste Oil Recycling and Modified Bitumen.
blending plant comprsies of the following sections :
Tank farm
Blending area
Storage, Filling And Packing
Base oils from the tank farm are pumped into the blending vessels and mixed with additives at the required temprreature to obtain a homgeous mix.there are several methods to achieve and optimum blend depending on the product and plant requirments. The blended product is then filtered and transferred to storage tanks from where it is taken to the filling station and packed in containers or barreles.the entire process can be carried out in a basic manually operated plant or auotmated plc controled plants

The lube oils are manufactured to api or other required specifications

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