Tablet and Capsule Counting machine with packing in HDPE Bottle

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Demonstrating the complete packaging line for Tablet and Capsule in HDPE bottles. Two Head filling unit incorporating multi track capsule feeder for required quantity of tablets for each bottle.

The machine can be configured for all sizes and shape of Tablets as well as capsule. The unit is completely enclosed in Acrylic Glass Cabinet for safety with PLC & HMI control unit for operation of the machine.

The Screw Capping machine is installed in line with the filling and labeling machine that can be operated for almost all sizes of bottles and caps.

The fully automatic Sticker Labeling machine can handle all bottles upto size of 100mm in diameter and wrap around self adhesive labels. The batch code printing device can also be installed with operation convenience.

The achievable speed is upto 40 bottles per minute for filling 30 tablets in each bottle.

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