Rotary filling and capping machine – Monoblock filler capper for Oral Liquid syrup

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Monoblock Filling Machines are robust continuous rotary Monoblock systems designed specifically to simplify bottling lines by combining the bottle filler, tip/plug placer, and capper in to a single space saving machine to maximize product output. This Monoblock system is great for products in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, or chemical industries. Monoblock Filling Machines are offered in both variants – a volumetric positive displacement and a volumetric piston filling configurations. Monoblock Filling Machines have in – built capping unit that accommodates threaded caps of a variety of materials, diameters, and heights. Sorting options include a centrifugal bowl or a vibratory system for caps smaller than 14mm. In Monoblock Filling Machines the rinsing, filling and capping process is carried out using a continuous system in a fully enclosed safety interlocked chamber. Monoblock Filling Machines have Stainless Steel Constructed Frame (as per GMP norms), with Product Contact Parts in SS 316.

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