Grease Plant , Grease making Plant , Grease manufacturing plant

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Complete plants and solutions for the manufacture of
Lubricants.Greases.Transformer Oils,Brake Fluids,Coolants
Waste Oil Recycling and Modified Bitumen ,Grease Plant , Grease making Plant , Grease manufacturing plant

Grease blending plant is a fine dispersion of an oil-insoluble thickening agent – usually soap in a fluid lubricant which is generally mineral lubricating oil. The soap is made up of fatty acid, tallow or vegetable oil saponified with alkali which can be hydrated lime, caustic soda, lithium hydroxide or aluminum hydroxide. The lubricating oil component is refined base oil-naphthenic, of medium viscosity index, or cylinder oil stock. Structurally grease is a “water-in-oil” emulsion. Its appearance is smooth, mostly translucent, soft or hard –

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