Eight Head Screw Capping Machine , bottle Screw capper, Rotary capper machine equipment

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Email ID: aks@bhagwatipharma.com
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Multihead Capping Machine for Glass, PET, HDPE, Plastic Bottle & Jar. Delivering over 60 bottles per minute and ease of changing the Cap and bottle sizes to suit different sizes of bottles and caps.

Call on us for more variables and solution for every application in Capping and Cap Sealing machinery.

Shree Bhagwati is one of the leading brand in manufacturing and exports of pharmaceuticals and packaging machinery for last two decades and having expertise in specialized application and customized automation.

For live demonstration of machinery please visit our Plant at Ahmedabad and witness the quality and workmanship delivered to each machine manufactured at our floor.

Capping machines are made available in following variants.

1. Semi automatic capping machine
2. Automatic Single Head Capping machine
3. Four / Six / Eight Head Automatic capping machine
4. Capping machine with Vibrator bowl
5. Cap Elevator for high speed capping machine

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