Plastic tube filling and sealing machine , Tube filler Lami, Plastic, LDPE, HDPE etc. tubes.

Email : Call +91 9898070475 – Multipack supply many different model laminated tube filling machine,cosmetic tube filling machine,plastic tube filler,semi-automatic tube filler,automatic tube filling machine,rotary tube filling machine,linear tube filling machine,high speed tube filling machine,tooth paste tube filling machine,filling machines for plastic tube,lotion tube filling machine,pharmaceutical tube filling machine,medicine tube filling machine,cosmetic cream tube filling machine,ointment tube filling machine ,Tube filling machine is widely used to fill and seal tubes with viscouse liquids filling ,paste filling, cream filling, tooth paste filling,cosmetic cream filling,gel filling,adhesive filling,ointment filling
Tube filling machineis high speed & medium speed tube filling machine series.

Tube filler is suitable for Aluminium, Lami, Plastic, LDPE, HDPE etc. tubes Suiatble to fill 0.5hm-300gm of Ointments, Liquids, Pastes, Creams, Honey, Adhesives, Lotions, Balms, Cosmetics etc.
Available in Single Nozzle, double Nozzle for different output.

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