Nail Polish filling machine, Nail varnish filling machine , cosmetics filler

Email : Call +91 9898070475 Nail varnish filling machine , cosmetics filler, perfume filling machine,foil nail polish filling machine,nail stamping machine,cosmetics filling machine , nail-polish filling line ,Nail Varnish monoblock filling machine combines multiple formats, compactness, easy cleaning and production flexibility. It offers output rates from 40 to 60 bpm, to carry out all the operations needed for full nail varnish bottle filling and capping.

The use of multi-format pucks enables the machine to handle a multitude of different formats.
The machine performs all types of operations specific to this industry: one or more beads, caps, brushes, brush/cap pre-assembled.
It is possible to switch between automatic and manual placement (when components are very fragile such as gold gilt caps).
Only one vibrating bowl feeder for all types of brushes or caps.

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