Electrical shrink tunnel fro HDPE drain cleaner bottle

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Electrical shrink tunnel fro HDPE drain cleaner bottle, Shrink Tunnel – Electric, PE, Heat Shrink Tunnels , Steam & Heat Shrink Tunnel, Electric Heat Shrink Tunnel

high speed shrink tunnel machines are just the right equipment for film wrapping needs in different industries. Applications in food, fruits, toys stationery, drugs, electronic products, cosmetics, books, videos, cds and hardware industries can well be satisfied with Multipack’s range of high quality shrink packaging machines. Designed for higher production, these are medium to high speed PVC and POF film wrapping machines equipped with latest air flow technology and features for maximum and efficient output at less energy consumption and costs. Our heat shrink tunnels are equipped with most of the desired specifications of the modern shrink packaging machines like automatic temperature control, adjustable conveyor speed, overheat compensator protection, stainless steel top plate chain conveyor, energy saving, fast film shrinking capability and much more. These are long lasting machineries built with selected high quality electronic components and therefore will require lesser maintenance than any other shrink packaging machine available in the market today. Our PE shrink tunnels can be used for wrapping almost any kind of films and therefore are perfect machineries for those looking for a versatile shrink packaging solutions at economical costs. We can provide you an ultimate packaging solution with electric shrink tunnel which can be installed or added to any production line for wrapping empty or filled bottles, round and square bottles, jar and canned products. These are available in different models and specifications and therefore can be selected as per requirements for shrinking labels around bottles of various shapes and sizes. Explore our product category to learn in detail about the features and specifications of our latest range of shrink packaging machines.

This is certainly an innovative machine that supports for shrink methodology in packaging. This device designed with adjustable air flow for identical packaging. It is perfect equipment for packaging products for retail business. It can be operated with variable speed in accordance with the production requirement. Industries can choose the perfect roller conveyor from us to obtain effective packaging as we have designed with stainless steel top plate to connect with different models of roller conveyor. We have made use of imported and branded electrical components for prolonged application.

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