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DescriptionV Blender equipment is very useful in the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries. It is also referred to as the twin shell blender and is widely used in industry. This is because it offers a short blending time and highly efficient in operation.The machine is made up to 2 hollow cylindrical containers joined together at an angle of 75 to 90 0. As the V blender tumbles the material is continuously separated and recombined, and thorough mixing occurs as it falls randomly in the vessel. The repeated converging and diverging motion enhances the frictional contact between the material and the vessel giving a gentle and homogenous blend.The V blender from Bhagwati Pharma Company has special advantages such as;
Easy charging and discharging of materials
The machine is designed in a shape that ensures complete discharge of the product , as compared to other types of blenders
There is no product contamination
The equipment is made of long lasting and durable materials hence a good return on investment.

The ‘V’ BLENDER is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing and lubrication process of dry powders homogeneously. Approximate two third of the volume of the Blenders filled to ensure proper mixing. The ‘V’ Blender gives best result for powders due to suitable medium speed and ‘V’ shape of container. It can be used for Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Cosmetic products etc.In V Blender machine the powders comes from all sides due to the ‘V’ shape of the product container, hence requirement of RPM is medium. Suitable mainly for powder & granules type material. This type of material gets sufficient continuous movement. Due to the ‘V’ shape of container, even medium movement will result in good quality of blending/lubrication of granules.

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