Cup Filling & Sealing Machine , Linear cup filling machine

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We deliver many machines including Linear inline Milk Curd yogurt cup filling sealing machine , Cosmetic cup filling machine, Jam cup filling sealing machine, Jelly cup filling sealing machine, Flavor Drink cup filling machine, Coffee cup filling mahcine, Yogurt cup filling machine, Water cup filling and sealing amchine, Honey cup filling machine, Sauce cup filling machine, Juice cup filling sealing machine, and Dairy Product with Curd Filling machine, adopts plunger pump filling, the pistons and the pumps are well processed by unique designed valves without any leakage, and the filling precision is ±1%. All action and performance is controled by PLC with liquid crystal touch screen, easy to operate. The body shell and the parts contact with product is stainless steel, clean and sanitary comply with GMP standard.

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