Cap lining and assembly machine , Cap lining machine, Closure Lining Machine

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At Multipack, we also manufacture Induction Wad Inserting Equipment enclosed in commercial-grade stainless steel plates.

Lining Machine for Cosmetic Cap with EPE Liner
Key Features

♦ Application:

– Cap or Closure to be Inserted with Liner
– Aluminum-Liner or Paper-Liner
– EPE Sponge-Liner
– Liner with or without Tab
– With or without Hot-Melt Glue

• Liners feed by stack-hopper magazine
• Liners separating and take-off automatically
• Liners feed automatically
• Cap feed by manual (for cosmetic cap surface protection)
• Equipped with engraved mold-sets system
• Liner insert into cap automatically
• Equipped with rotary pressing assembly system
• Assenbled caps suction take-off system
• Equipped with intermittent discharge conveyo

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