Hand Wash Bottle filling line, Detergent Liquid filling machine , Toiletries Liquid Filler

https://www.bhagwatipharma.co.in/ Bottle filling line for Creams , Gels , Ointments , Skin care , Suspensions , Shampoo , Natural cosmetics , Natural care cosmetics, with herbal ingredients , Liquid Hand Wash Soap filling machine , Disinfectant bottle filling machine , Hand Gel filling machine, Hand Sanitizer bottle filling line

Offering energy efficient and easy to install Liquid Products Filling Machines, Tube Products Filling Machines, Paste Products Filling Machines etc. at nominal prices…
About Us

SHREE BHAGWATI MACHTECH (India) is India small scale filling and sealing machine manufacturing company.

SHREE BHAGWATI MACHTECH(India) is specialized in manufacturing of the small scale packaging machines like Liquid Filling Machine Bottle packing machines, Bottle Sealing Machines, Bottle Labeling Machines, Sachet Packing Machines, Tube Packing Machines for industries such as foods, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics, breweries, perfumes.

Our machines are widely used in many countries like India, UAE, Canada, USA, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Peru, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, France, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Srilanka, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Manama, Yemen, Eritria, Mozambique, Kenya, UK, Poland etc.

We make machines for following industries:

Filling Machines for FMCG products
filling Machines for carbonated beverages
filling Machines for adhesive and gums
filling Machines for automotive and lubricating products
filling Machines for beauty products
filling Machines for bottled water products
filling Machines for breweries and distilleries
filling Machines for cooking oils
filling Machines for jams, syrups, sauces
filling Machines for juices and drinks
filling Machines for kitchen spices
filling Machines for labelling application
filling Machines for paints and chemicals
filling Machines for perfumes
filling Machines for soaps and detergents

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