Ointment and Cream Mixer, Paste mixer , Spiral Dough Mixers , Quart Mixers


Planetary Mixer – VJHSE MODEL provide Vacuum Jacketed and high speed Homogenizer and emulsifier , Dual Shaft Mixer , dough mixer Interconnection of technological process that allows to the operator the control of the mixing process and other labor process (programming times and speeds; mixing elements)Our range of machines 20 liters / kg to 10000 Ltr/ kg It can manufacture anything from creams (all types)/ lotion/ gels/ toothpaste/ shampoos / Face packs / Hair care products in cream / gel forms sterile etc….

VACUUM MIXER FOR THE COSMETIC INDUSTRY for Creams , Gels , Ointments , Skin care , Suspensions , Shampoo , Natural cosmetics , Natural care cosmetics, with herbal ingredients , Sun lotions , Toothpaste , Mascara , Color cosmetics , facial and body cosmetics our high tech vacuum mixer machine we offer designed engineering solutions to our customer just like large brands and smaller manufacturers of hair cosmetics, hand lotions or bath essences, And many more

Spiral Dough Mixers , Paste mixer , Quart Mixers , Hydro Mixer Double Planetary Mixer for Paste , Single and Double Planetary mixer for food and FMCG products

Our mixer with specially designed as per product and customer requirement High Wane Impeller , Helical Blade ,Rectangular Blade

Double Planetary suitable for products such as High viscous product , rubber cements, silicones, and battery pastes. More details please refer – https://www.ointmentplant.net/planetary-mixer-vjhse-model.html

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