Jacketed Ribbon blender machine , Electrical & Steam Jacketed Ribbon Blender

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Our Jacketed Ribbon Blender, Ribbon Blender, Mixer with Jacketed heater electrical and steam 200 kg to 10000 Kegs available more detail please refer – https://www.blenderindia.net/ribbon-blender.html

Ribbon Blender is a light duty blender, useful for easy mixing powder components it is a LOW SHEAR Mixer, most commonly used for SOLID/SOLID, SOLID/LIQUID Mixing and when high shearing force is not required. Its counter flow helicoid flight mounted on shaft ensuring gentle mixing.

ypical Applications include:

Abrasives and Adhesives
Agricultural Chemicals
Animal Feed Additives
Asphalt Emulsion
Chocolate Products
Cleaning Compounds
Dehydrated Foods
Detergents and Soaps
Dietary Foods
Dry Wall Joint Compound
Dyestuffs & Pigments
Electrode Compound
Feed Concentrates
Fertilizers and Pesticides
Fire Extinguisher Chemicals
Flours, Food Flavoring and Mixes
Foundry Sand
Herbicides and Insecticides
Insulation mixes
Meat Preservatives
Pet Foods
Pharmaceuticals and Vitamins
Phenolic Resins
Polystyrene Pellets
Powdered Metals
Prepared Instant Drink Mixes
PVC Compound
Sand & Cement Pre-mixes
Sanitation Chemicals
Spices and Sugars
Water Treatment Chemicals
Welding Flux

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