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This mechanism is Designed by cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance
All contact parts are completed by SS 316.
IBC Bin Blender for perfect dry mixer for lubrication of granules and homogenization mixing and conveying of the stuff to more preparation.
Obtainable Capacity for 25 kg to 10,000 kg batch size and Custom Design Available.
Interchangeable unrelated capacity of IBC Bin can be used on same machine use for mixing.
This is a bunged up and enclosed structure where by a single step transmit material from Container of the bin blender is transfer to the tablet press hopper.
In granulation area the dry granules enter to the container for merger through a dust free connection and the same container is loaded over to the blender for blending
Totally stain free.
Also an additional advantage is flexibility of this structure to switch more than one size of bunkers or containers so dispensation of dissimilar sizes of production batches in single equipment.
Covered inflexible drive with attenuation mechanism box and motor in the machine structure.
Hydraulic power pack structure for lifting of product bin for mixing.
A appropriate reel around the cage with one entry point for the bin on removable trolley
The charging hole with cover is provide on top with rapid opening and closing planning with dust proof joint for particle free transmit.
IBC Bin having exonerated with butterfly control device and trolley for effortless mobility.
Electric controls panel with cycle time

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