Pharmaceutical Granulation Line, Fluid bed Dryer , Rapid Mixer Granulation ,Tablet Granulation Line

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Offers many options and product expansions for wet and dry granulation to configure the system customized for special application and Custom Granulation Line, Pharmaceutical Granulation Line Pharma Industry Granulation is of two types:
Wet Granulation
Dry Granulation
Wet Granulation Line – machines and equipment for Feed Station , Mill , Sieving Machine, High Shear Mixer ,Fluid Bed Processor ,Dry mill ,Blender ,Tablet Press Machine ,Coating Machine with Advantages total solution for OSD processing line, Vacuum system for transferring the powder, CIP/WIP system Wet Granulation Line-2 ,Laminar Air Flow Booth ,High Shear Mixer ,Fluid Bed Processor ,Dry mill ,Blender with advantages and total solution of high containment wet granulating line for anti-neoplastic agents/Hormones(OEB3), Horizontal design ,Pressure shock resistant system(10 bar/ 12bar pressure shock resistant system),CIP/WIP systems . Also few product granulation line shall be Isolator for Weighing and dispensing ,Hoister ,Hammer Mill with isolator ,Sieving Machine with isolator ,High Shear Mixer ,Fluid Bed Processor ,Dry mill with Vacuum Conveyor ,Blender ,Tablet Press Machine with WIP , tablet Coating Machine etc. Advantages of Granulation Line, Pharmaceutical Granulation Line / 60 /120/ 250 / 500 / 600 and 1000 Kg Granulation linePharmaceutical granulation line – Rapid Mixer Granulation with Co Mill , vacuum powder transfer systems to fluid bed dryerFluid Bed Processor / Dryer with Product Lifter systems.Rapid Mixer Granulation with Co mill / Milling machine and Powder vacuum transfer conveying systemsMini Lab Model High Shear mixer / granulation and Fluid bed processorFluid bed processor with Air Handling equipment and Multi Function Fluid Bed ProcessorSolid Dosage Granulating Drying Line , Tablet Solid Dosage Granulation line with 20 kg to 1000 Kg Batch capacity

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