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Plough Shear Mixer is designed for heavy duty blending of both Dry and Wet materials. (also named ploughshare mixer, plow mixer, plough mixer) consists of a cylindrical drum containing plough shaped mixing elements that are mounted on a horizontal shaft. It creates a mechanical fluidized bed mixing action. plough shear mixer is widely used in the mixture of chemical materials, pigment, pharmaceutics materials, feedstuff, especially in the mixture of fragile solid grain; In a short time, the mixer has good mixing effect for the materials which has a great difference in grain and density. The plough shear mixer can be designed to carry out the industrial processes like Mixing, Drying, Reacting, Moistening/Coating, Sterilization, Granulation and Emulsification . Plough Shear Mixer is designed for heavy duty blending of both Dry and Wet materials. Plough shape shovels mounted on central shaft with its intendeds are easily penetrable through the dense powder mass in a cylindrical drum or a vessel. mixer shaft in a horizontal, cylindrical drum. The size, number and positioning, geometric shape and peripheral speed of the mixing. Plough Shear Mixer Shuffling of the mixture is achieved by broader end of the shovels. Penetration followed by agitation of the mass in quick succession of the specially designed blades results in homogeneity of powder mass both in dry and wet stages. Appropriate dough formation is reached in later process. Centrally mounted chopper will then operate to obtain wet granules of uniform size. Mixed homogeneous mass can be easily discharged from bottom of the mixing drum which is provided with flush fit discharge port. Processed Material with our machines for below industries :
Plough Shear Mixer for Foods
Plough Shear Mixer for Starch
Flavoring Plough Shear Mixer
Coffee Plough Shear Mixer
Chocolate Plough Shear Mixer
Nutraceuticals Plough Shear Mixer
Cosmetic Plough Shear Mixer
Pharmaceuticals Plough Shear Mixer
Detergent Plough Shear Mixer
Soaps Plough Shear Mixer
Metal Powders Plough Shear Mixer
Minerals Plough Shear Mixer
Friction Material Plough Shear Mixer
Ceramics Plough Shear Mixer
Agricultural Chemicals Plough Shear Mixer
Cement and Sand Plough Shear Mixer
Carbon black Plough Shear Mixer
Fire retardants Plough Shear Mixer

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