Round bottle labeling machine , Self adhesive rotary labeller , High Speed Bottle Labellers

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Our wrap round bottle labeling machine is customized depends on client bottle size, Labeling speed can be 400pcs/min. Shree Bhagwati ’s high speed rotary Labeling Machine not only focus on labeling speed with quality with high accuracy.

itself indicates the machine identity as a vertical small / large container Labelling machine for applied sticker Label on round container (vials / bottles) for the Standard Rated Speed up to 100/200/300 BPM (depending upon the size of the Labels & bottles). The machine is compatible to handle various sizes of round containers and its labels up to 95 mm. width (vertical height), with the help of minimum change parts. In case of change of Bottle dia., Star Plate (Product wheel) is required as a change part.

Product Handling : Suitable for partial & full wrap around without skew up & down.

Rotary Bottle Labelling Machine, High Speed Rotary Bottle Labelers Machine more details –

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