High Speed Square Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine, Double Side Sticker Labeller

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The double side sticker labeling machine is simple to use and easy to maintain. This multi purpose equipment is suitable for applying sticker labels on the front and back side of bottles, jars, etc.; which are round, flat, oval, rectangular, or square in shape. It is a multi pack linear machine with a uniquely designed continuous movement, pocket type bottle alignment system. This double side labeling machine model is perfectly suitable for applying labels on both sides of bottles and containers of various shapes and sizes. It has an output of up to 120 labels in a minute, based on the label and product size. The labeling speed is also dependent on the stable motion of the product on the conveyor of the equipment, at a relatively higher speed. Further, the automatic product alignment system is fully synchronized with the top holding belt system, to provide maximum stability and vertical positioning of the bottles with different shapes. It even incorporates the most modern label dispensing system and a simple sensing system for labels and products. This highly robust, effective, fast, precise and long lasting machine fulfils the diverse needs of several users of such modern packaging equipments. Besides this elegantly designed linear labeling machine has easy to use adjustments, and requires least changing of tools and parts. It also has a feed worm system and moving pocket system that enables the perfect alignment of the containers on the conveyor for a highly accurate labeling. This model is suitable for virtually all types of bottles utilized for cosmetics and OTC products. Moreover, the double side labeling equipment can be specially designed to apply single, and body, wrap around labels on various types of containers. Additionally it can apply labels on both the front and the back side of many types of containers; in a single run.

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