Rotary Sticker Labelling Machine for Pet Bottle , rotary bottle labeler, Labellers Machine

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rotary labeling machines are available with speed capabilities from 50-200 products per minute suitable for adhesive labels to bottles or cylindrical or square containers of wine, beverages, foodstuffs in general and cosmetic, oil , food

full-wrap carousel labeler the bottle enters the star wheel at pitch from the worm screw. Adhesive is applied to the bottle. The bottle contacts the label and picks up the leading edge of the label removes the label from the magazine and enters the brushing station where the label is wrapped around the container.

Mainly used in oenology, food, cosmetic, and chemical industry. Label application on the container while held between the holding cup and the compression head. Products: bottles, glasses, vials, tanks and cans of cylindrical, square, rectangular shapes, flasks and shaped containers.

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