Tablet & Capsule counter and filler , Tablet Counting Line

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Automatic Tablet/Capsule Bottle Filling and Packaging Lines –

Tablet / Capsule Packing Line consists of: Bottle Cleaning Machine, Channel Type Counting & Filling Machine, Capping Machine, Induction Cap Sealing Machine, Online Check Weigh, Sticker Labelling Machine, Packing Conveyor etc. With the Speed up to 120 Bottles/Minute for count any type and size of tablet, capsules, caplets, soft gels pills

automatic capsule counting and filling machines, electronic tablet counting and filling machine, multichannel tablet counting machine, tablet counting and filling lines as well as tablet capsule counting and packing line.

Bottle Unscrambler
Tablet Counting Machine
Silica Gel Inserter
Cotton Inserter
Bottle Capping Machine
Induction Sealing Machine
Bottle Labeling Machine
Collection Table

Tablet Counting Line is complete filling & packaging line includes counting, filling, capping & labeling of tablets into bottles. The Filling Line consist different machines connected with each other to make online operations. All equipments complies as per GMP requirements and suitable with different shape & sizes. Filling Line suitable from 1 to 1000 tablets into bottles with moderate production speed. Production Line having wide usage in R&D laboratories, Research Institutions, Herbal & Nutraceutical preparations, Unani & Ayurvedic medicines, Pilot batch productions etc.

Trade Name: Tablet Bottle Packaging Line, Tablet Counting Machine

Application: Counting tablets and filling into bottles/bags

Usage: Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Biotech, Health Supplement, Food Product & Cosmetics

Suitability: Circular, Oval, Rectangular shapes Tablets

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