Eye Drop Round Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine , Eye drops & Nasal sprays bottle labeller machine

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We offer professional manufacturer and supplier of packing machinery and equipment in INDIA equipment is suitable for labeling of all kinds of glass bottle, plastic bottle, and metal bottle (e.g. infusion glass bottle, vial, eye drop bottle, syrup bottle etc.).

Wrap Around Labeling Machine is suitable for many variety of bottle labeling. When labeling, the bottle will automatically rotate to allow the labeling device to the apply pressure for labeling.

Suitable for medicine, food, beverage, and chemical industries. Can be used for plastic, glass, metal and other round containers/bottles. With its innovative design, its operation is so simple that even a primitive man can use.

Max. Capacity: 400 Bottles/Minute.

Our main products involve automatic filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine and etc for complete filling packing line. Our products are widely used in Pharmaceutical, food, daily chemicals, cosmetic industries and etc.

On the basis of advanced equipment and workmanship, we have excellent production technicians and an efficient distribution team, as well as good service staff members, so that we can undertake your orders very efficiently. We have the confidence on the high quality of our products, and can offer very competitive prices at the same time.

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