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Ribbon Mixer Blender

In Ribbon Mixer Blender machine the powder moves from centre to the end of container and end of container to the centre of container or bins. Requirement of total mixing time is very less and the RPM required are also very less , The intense mixing movement shortens the time of mixing, faster and more efficiently. Even if the material has a specific gravity.

The product material gets sufficient continuous movement due to the U shape & movement of multiple ribbon & U shape of the container, which moves material for good quality of product blending and discharge from bottom .Machine with heavy duty worm reduction gear box with belt drive with motor, blender with couple drive gears to main ribbon for mixer stirring. blender Container with Bottom materials discharge valve & Top cover provide.

Ribbon type Vacuum Mixer Dryer is best suitable for materials / products mixing and drying the which can not operate at low Temperature for special nature of products. machine with low Temperature with under vacuum to get best result with minimum time.

The blender unit is consist of electrical motor, worm reduction gear, belt drive or heavy duty chain between motor and gear, couple drive between gear to ( ribbon ) mixing stirrer. Product Container having four nos. of legs with discharge valve & top cover of machine, Both end of mixing shaft is sealed with bush & PTFE gland housing & safety guards are provided on all moving parts for safety.

Application / Industry Use:
Tea & Coffee Ribbon blender
Animal feeds Ribbon blender
Fertilizers Ribbon blender
Chemicals Ribbon blender
Spice blends Ribbon blender
Bird seeds Ribbon blender
Abrasives Ribbon blender
Engineered plastic resins Ribbon blender
Pesticides and herbicides Ribbon blender
Epoxy resins Ribbon blender
Pet foods Ribbon blender
Bakery premixes Ribbon blender
Eye shadow Ribbon blender
Pharmaceuticals Ribbon blender
Face powders Ribbon blender
Pigments Cake mixes Ribbon blender
Plastic powders Ribbon blender
Carbon black
Fire retardants
PVC compounding
Cleaning compounds
Instant breakfast cereals
Dietary supplements
Instant drink blends
Talcum powders
Dried food products
Laundry detergents
Ribbon blender During the rotation of the stirrer, Sanitary design-heavy gauge, stainless steel construction. As the product gently moving while the ribbon stirrer rotates, the large heating surface area presented by the internals of the cylindrical shell ensures uniform drying of the product. A fresh layer comes into mixing ribbon unit with contact indirectly heated walls of the shell when the diffusive action is induced by the mixing stirrer mixing constantly
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