Tray Dryer , Hot Air Tray Dryer

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Tray Dryer Manufacturers, we are happy to present to you our range of Hot Air Tray Dryers. As the name suggests, the try dryer is most suitable for drying powders, wet granules and wet cake in the pharmaceutical industry. Products which contain moisture up to the limit of 30% can be effectively dried using this equipment.

Lotus Engineers has gained the reputation of being the top Hot Air Tray Dryer Manufacturer in India owing to the unmatched quality, efficiency and durability of its products. The dryer works on the formula of recirculation of hot air within the processing chamber which a very energy efficient way of drying products. We offer to build electrical, thermal or steam based dryer according to the requirement of the customer. You can select from the size range of 12 trays up to 192 trays. Fans and safety gears are put in place to ensure even and constant distribution of hot air.Tray Dryer , Hot Air Tray Dryer more details :

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