Co Mill, Conical mill machine for Ayurvedic & Pharmaceutical

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The cone mill is a fairly easy machine to understand. Its parts include:

It’s decreasing the size of larger particles that are in powder form to produce smaller particles. It can also make course particles finer. And help sort granules into the required sizes or grades.

Feeding hopper – It’s the cone-structure that holds bulk raw powder materials during feeding. But it might not be present where the cone mill is connected to a bin/IBC, or vacuum conveying equipment.

Impeller – It’s the rotating part of the cone mill. And it consists of two or three blades. There are two common types of impellers; square-bar & round impellers.

Mesh screen – The mesh screen is perforated with holes of different shapes.

Drive system – The drive system is simply used to power the rotating impeller. There are several drive options including direct drive, belt drive, or gear-box drive. The drive system can be top, under, or remote/thru-wall.
Frame & Base support – It can be a movable chassis or fixed base frame that anchors the cone mill to the floor/tabletop.

Receptacle – It is a container that holds the finished powder grains after they’ve passed through the metal mesh screen. The receptacle can be connected to a vacuum transfer equipment for automatic conveying.
Stainless steel surface – The cone mill’s mirror-polished surfaces are smooth and with a non-sticky finish.

Seals – Either made from silicone or PTFE.

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