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We offer below systems with different applications and systems.

Track & Trace System Scans Product Codes at Cartoner Infeed
Product Code Aggregate Is Recorded by Track & Trace System
Camera Inspects Codes on Bottles
Overhead Camera Verifies Loaded Case
Integraged Track & Trace Case Labeler
Track & Trace Inspection for Labeled Case
Track & Trace System Scans Product Codes at Case Packer Infeed

system can be connected directly to Cartoning Machine for Online Operation. System software control complete machine operation including Machine, Camera / Vision System and Coding System. Machine can be integrated or suitable to use with third party Serialization Code Software providing flexibility to user.

We offer complete solution including Track & Trace Software, Hardware, Mechanical / Engineering support and complete integration to deliver Successful end solution to customer for Blister Packing Line, Vial Packing Line, Bottle Packing Line as well as Customized Solution for any packing line requirement.

Product or Bar Code scan thru camera systems and generated Unique new bar code than print and apply engine print and apply to new bar code & Batch code on product and scan by second camera systems for Carton Coding Machine (Offline) with Inspection and Rejection System..

Bar code and batch coding machine is used to place bar codes on empty cartons so that their data can be stored to have information about their whereabouts. Offline carton coding machine with inspection and rejection system is a technologically enhanced piece of machinery, which makes use of numerous sensors. The inspection and rejection system checks for the carton and removes from the stack if the bar code has not been placed properly. –

Logical Security : MultiUser, MultiLevel Individual Password System havingSeparate/Individual Operation Level. Each user having limited / defined accessto the function / features of system.

-Software is user friendly and feature ready to upgrade in feature for any additionalrequirement as per general terms and conditions of Brothers.

– Keep record and tracking of every activity happened within application withElectronic data stamped such as User, Date and Time.

– Availability of Audit Trail showing all events of machine operation.

– Software will not allow altering the data and it will provide tracking detail.

– Alarm Management.

– Auto Data Backup to different server as well as on separate HDD on samecomputer to secure all DATA in case of any disaster, this include program backup,Audit trail backup, Activity Log, Trend Backup, event log Backup.

– Generated Data / Report saved by the Software Automatically at defined locationset by user or as per customer requirement.

– Electronic Records and Electronics Signature shall be available whereverapplicable.

– Only authorized user is allowed to generate or give access to new user andprovide all logs activity reports.

– System Ask user to change password periodically as set in software

– Software will not allow user to operate the batch before changing the password ifprompted by system to change the password.

– List of Parameters : Fixed / Variable.

– Multilevel / Multiuser Password System.

– Individual / Group Password facility.

– Parameter change History : Separately available as well as in Audit Trial.

– List of Alarm : All type of alarm list / report in Audit Trial and separate report.

– Batch wise Alarm History / User wise Alarm History report and with Printingfacility.

– Storage capacity, 500GB HDD or more depending on system hardware.

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