Oral Liquid manufacturing plant

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Wide Product Range of syrup Manufacturing Plants are idyllic equipment intended for the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of Oral Syrup, formulations and other water based pharmaceutical products for the capacity ranging from 50 litres to 20000 litres. It also offers the reimbursement of the effectual manpower operation.

Syrup manufacturing plant is following below: –

Working Platform
Control Panel
Product Piping
Pre-filtration unit
Syrup Manufacturing Vessel
Sugar Melting Vessel
Filtration unit
Storage Vessel

Syrup manufacturing plant consists of a closed circuit industrialized capability from feeding of Sugar / Water Phase to loading the syrup Filling Machine.
The Sugar and Water, are pack with vacuum system or by mechanical arrangement or physically.
The Sugar Syrup Vessel is complete with high speed stirrer & electrical heating (In small model) / steam heating capability (In bigger size model).The sugar syrup is arranged at necessary temperature & are transfer to Manufacturing Vessel by vacuum or by transfer pump.
The manufactured goods throughout emulsion arrangement is recalculated from side to side In-Line Homogenizer or Liquid Transfer Pump.( possible Facility )
The Pump also discharges the invention in the Storage Vessel.
The Storage Vessel is then occupied to the filling area (if it is small capacity) and is associated to time syrup Transfer Pump. Or Storage Vessel remnants fixed (In bigger size) & pump transfer the syrup in the float tank which is associated with filling machine.
The entire Plant can be operating by central functional panel by one operative.

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