Four Head Bottle Foil sealing machine , 4 Head Foil Sealing Machine

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Our 4 Head Foil Sealing Machine (Multipack – Foil-04), Automatic 4 Head Foil Sealing Machine (Multipack-04) –

Features & Advantages

• Can Handle Various Sizes Of Bottles/Containers With The Help Of Change Parts.
• Different Varieties Of Foils Can Be Used.
• Aluminium Poly/ Paper Poly/ Polyester Poly Can Be Used On The Same Machine With Small Change Over.
• Can Be Connected Online With Filling Machine.
• Speeds 50-60 Bottles/ Containers Per Min ( Depending On The Size Of The Bottles)
• Minimum Labor Requirement.

Total Power Speed Product Air Consumption 5 kW

50-60 Bottles per Minute
( depending on the size of the bottles)

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