Ribbon blender machine , Ribbon Blenders and Mixers

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Ribbon blender machine , Ribbon Blenders , Ribbon blender Mixers ,Ribbon Blender and Mixer , A ribbon blender and mixer are used to perfectly blend up and mix the most dried granules, powders, solids, and light pastes. Most of the ribbon blenders and mixers are lightweight and considered the most versatile, sturdy, and efficient machine used in pharmaceutical, agricultural, foodstuff, and other industrial applications. Please refer : https://www.blenderindia.net/

Powder- powder
Powder- liquid,
Paste and highly viscous material such as putty etc.
The radial speed of the ribbon is also flexible to ensure little or no material destructiveness.

Other than that, this blender doesn’t easily break down, unlike others.

Below are the main applications of the ribbon blender and mixer:

Blending of a large number of dry solids.
Drying of powdered materials suitable for wet phase mixing.
Mixing of drugs, cosmetics, and various chemicals.
Dry blending of capsule ingredients.
Lubrications of dry granules and pellets in large quantities.
Coating of solid particles with liquids to produce a suitable formulation.
In Pharmacology, ribbon blenders are used in the manufacturing of polymer blends, pharmaceutical powders, and composite fillers.

In Food and beverage processing industries, ribbon blenders are used to produce infant food, flavorings, seasonings, dried food products, breakfast cereals, cake mixes, dietary supplements, instant drink blends etc.

Some other industrial materials usually blended in the Ribbon mixer include the following:

Animal Feeds
Pet feeds
Bird seeds
Pesticides and herbicides
Plastic powders
Laundry detergents
Plastic powders
Fire retardants
Cleaning compounds

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