Eye drop filling line , Eye-Ear Drop Packing Line , Vial Fill, Plug, Capping & Labeling Machine

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EYE DROP FILLING MACHINE – EAR DROP FILLING NOZZLE FITTING SCREW CAPPING MACHINE – https://www.bhagwatipharma.com/capping-machines/eye-drop-filling-machine/

The Eye-Ear Drop Packaging Line Consists Of Eye Drop Vial Filling, Plugging Machine and & Eye Drop Capping Machine, Eye Drop Labelling Machine, Cartoning Machine, Packing Conveyor Etc, Piston Pump Small Bottle Filling Capping Machine ,Mascara Eyeliner Filling Machine ,E-Liquid Line, Eye Drop Filling Line ,Nasal Spray Filling And Capping Machine, Nail Polish Filling Machine ,E Liquid Juice Bottle Filling Line ,Eye / Ear Drops Vials Eye Drop Filling Machine , Nasal Spray bottle Filling Machine , Nasal Spray Filling Machine , Eye Drop Filling Line , E-Liquid Filling Machine, Essential Oil Filler , Eyeliner Filling Capping Machine With The Speed Up To 220 Vials/minute.

Eye Drop Filling Line

Fully automatic filling, Inner plugging , capping or ROPP capping operations in one machine
Very compact and user friendly design
Complete SS 304 pipe structure having elegant matt finish cladding
Unique for small volumes filling for Eye/Ear/Nasal drops
Pneumatic inner plug placing & pressing system
Pneumatic cap placement
All contact parts made of SS 316
No bottle – No fill, No bottle – No plug, No plug – No cap system
Equipped with torque limiter to protect indexing mechanism
Nitrogen flushing arrangement (optional)

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