Tray dryer 96 trays, split model, electric heated

Email : Call Now +91 9099935527 manufacture several types of Dryers, one of them is Tray Dryer, Tray dryer can be electrically heated, and Steam heated. Tray Dryer comes in 6 trays, 12 trays, 24 trays, 48 trays, 96 trays and 192 trays. The construction of the machine varies as per requirement of the customer, it can be inside outside MS or GMP model depending upon the product and industry requirement. Tray Dryer is the most conventional Dryer used very widely and still being used where the moisture content is more and where the product has to be dried at low temperature for long hours.

Tray Dryer , Tray Drier, Hot Air Tray Dryer , Tray Dryer with Electrically heated ,
Tray Dryer with Steam heated

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