Fluid bed coater, fluid bed coating machine, fluid bed process

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Fluid bed processors (FBP) are used for turning dry powder into fine dust particles. The particles are then fed into a machine that vibrates at high speeds and converts the fine dust into small flakes. As the machine runs, the fine dust is transformed into a fine dust similar to a flour through a feed conveyor system. This machine is similar to the ones that make pizza dough. It is widely used for manufacturing dust in paper mills, sanding machines, rubber and cement plants, textiles, footwear products, fabric dye manufacturers and in the automotive and chemical industries.There are two types of fluid bed processors namely the top-feed and the bottom-feed. In a top-feed fluid bed processor, the particles get sprayed from the machine onto a bed of fine powder at medium speed. They are dropped on to the bed surface and get soaked by the powder as the machine runs. These are the most commonly used in the paper mills.

Shree Bhagwati Manufacturing wide range of Fluid Bed Dryer, Fluid bed Granulator , Fluid bed Coater , Fluid bed Pelletizing Machine , equipments of multi function Coating and Drying equipment integrated Product with spray drying granulating Specially nozzle with coating fluid coating with drying in a single body. The equipment combined process with the various operations.Fluid bed Granulator / Fluid bed Coater/ Fluid bed Pelletizing Machine / equipments suitable for granulating, pelletizing and coating of various varieties in pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry and chemical industry,Shree Bhagwati Fluid bed granulator and coater, Fluid Bed Processor , FBP/ FBG /FBC dryer machines for heat & non heat sensitive products best suitable for Pharmaceuticals, API Biotech, herbal and Nutraceuticals’, Skin care and Cosmetic, Bulk Chemicals, pharma and Biochemical, Food and agro chemical , Dairy powder and granules , Confectionery, Pesticide and Agrochemical, Herbals and Ayurvedic etc.

Fluid Bed Coater, Fluid Bed Granulator – Fluid Bed Processor, Top & Bottom Spray Granulation

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