Fluid bed dryer, fluid bed drying machine with air handling units

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Different powders of varying bulk density can be homogeneously mixed and dried in SB Fluid Bed Dryer. more details : https://www.bhagwatipharma.co.in/fluid-bed-dryer-fluidized-bed-dryer-fluid-bed-dryer-manufacturer/

different models of fluid bed dryer namely,

Pharmaceutical lab-scale (10L)
Fluid Bed Drying production model (1000L)
Fluid bed dryer FBD10
FBD25 fluidized bed drying system
FBD50 fluid bed dryer
FBD100 fbd dryer
FBD200 fluid bed dryer
FBD300 fluidized bed dryer
FBD 400 fluid bed drying system
FBD500 fbd dryer
FBD600 fluid bed dryer
FBD800 fluid bed dryer
FBD1000 fluidized bed dryers
Our Fluid bed drying equipment is widely used and well known in Pharmaceutical manufacturing and solid dosage forms, chemical, and food industries worldwide. These fbd dryer systems are used for processing applications, which require excellent product uniformity.

A fluid bed dryer is a one-stop drying machine which includes air handling units, stainless steel main tower (base part, product container, expansion chamber, and fluid bed dryer filter chamber), and exhaust air system (airstream cooler) and so on.

The turbulence required to mix the ingredients thoroughly is created by the unique design of the perforated plate located at the bottom of product container.

The Final Product Features

Uniform drying.
Increased flowability.
No segregation.
Improved compressibility.
Improved disintegration and dissolution
Minimum lump formation.

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