Chyawanprash filling machine, chutney filling machine for Jar and bottle

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Chyawanprash Filling Machine, Chyawanprash Bottle And Jar Filling Machine with Automatic container feeding with turn table or packing conveyor

Automatic filler machine complete with HMI PLC based operation with unique features of no bottle no filling, sensor based diving, no bottle diving & filling stops, bottle counter, easy volume setting & changeover can be dine even with filled hopper. Most suitable for to , container , bottle , cans .etc. in the high range of 50,100,250,500, 1000 gms per stroke can be used for paste ,cream, ointment, jelly . High viscosity material can also fill like Chawanprash, chatni. etc,

➤ Jacketed hopper & mixing stirrer
➤ Plugging & capping machine

It’s ideally suited for filling of balm, ointment, wax polish, Vaseline, waxes & petroleum jelly, based similar products in hot melt form. Other free flowing viscose materials such as lotions, cold creams moisturizers, etc.

Salient Features
➤ Dripless accurate filling.
➤ Filling accuracy ± 1%

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