Fluid bed processor, fluid bed coater, fluid bed dryer with top spraying

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1. Top Spray Gruanlation : Spray atomized binder or active ingredients from the top onto the fluidized powder to form the even granules.

2. Bottom Spray Coating : When the hot air passes through the bottom plate of container and partition column, it will generate the siphon effect. The pellets will fall down and then sucked back to the partition column again, while the bottom spray gun will spray coating binder upward to achieve coating purpose.

3. Side Spray Powder Coating/Film Coating : The side spray is better for coating with high firm content. The cores (seeds) are placed on the turntable disc and hot air is blown upward between the turntable disc and the granulation area. The coating solution is sprayed on the rolling cores through the pump and spray gun. The process involves simultaneous coating and drying of the cores, the repeated actions achieve the desired coating thickness or granule size. Powder coating is achieved by charging powder and spray binder at the same time.

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