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Cap lining machine is equipped with embedding’s and fixing the wads into the caps. The caps will be stacked into a Vibratory, Rotary container or Elevator Hopper physically. The feeder supplies the caps satisfactorily as needed to the machine in the arranged style. The conveyor moves the cap to a star wheel where the caps are filed at predefined areas. The wads are stacked into a column chute (if in rolls) or into a vibratory feeder (for loosely packed liners, ordinarily for EPE or Foam liners) which is set over the wad picking station.

A vacuum picker loading machine is set beneath the section chute which picks the wad individually and places it on the top segment of the ordering star wheel over the caps. At the point when the cap and the wad moves to the following station a pusher drives the wad into the cap and is immovably fixed. The gathered cap will be tallied and will get out from the conveyor. The cap lining machine will be fit for taking care of different kinds and sizes of caps and wads with the assistance of progress parts

Note- Cap Wadding Machine, Wad Inserting Machine, Cap Lining Machine and Liner Inserting Machine etc are the same terms.

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