Fluid bed granulation, fluid bed processor ,Fluid bed Multi functional Processor

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Fluid Bed Processor : Working Principle and Application

Fluid Bed Processor also called Fluid bed Multifunctional Processor, fluid bed processor can integrate top spray for granulation and coating, fluid bed processor bottom spray for coating, tangent spray for pelletizing, with such features as high efficiency and low consumption of materials. supplies a single Fluid Bed processing – granulation, drying & pellet coating in one unit.



fluidized bed equipment have a modular design, the base equipments are designed as 2 bar explosion-proof, heavy-duty 10 bar or 12 bar pressure shock resistant and can be adjusted using various options.


Parallel to the development of fluidized bed processor and method for granulating, the fluid bed takes into account increased technical requirements and fluidized bed granulation process: explosion protection, validation and qualification, documentation, legal requirements, modern control systems and their connection to higher-level materials management systems, total containment, WIP etc. These are only a few of current issues for which you as a client demand competent answers.

With the innovative and swirl generation process a complete fluidization is assured which leads to a high coating uniformity and high yields in the final product. The key challenge is how to achieve optimal and homogenous granule coating. All granules involved in the coating process, regardless of their size, should have the same coating thickness. Senieer focus on fluidized bed technology development not only on machinery, but also combine your process requirements.

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